Life happens

I had the best intentions in updating the blog and writing furiously toward my new novel… but life happens.

To maximise remaining mental capacity, I prioritised writing short stories — one which received a placement in a writing competition — and fulfilling requirements for my writing course with the University of Oxford (which I am loving so far, by the way).

I’m trying to get on my feet again, and will slowly but surely start to get more involved in my blog. Hopefully life will stabilise and let me continue on the course of becoming a published author.

Never been dumber

I’m going to throw the PC out the window. Seriously. What the heck is with wordpress.

(takes a deep breath)

Nevermind. I found the widgets. Hurrah!

This is the reason why I should research before jumping into writing — messy, messy, messy. I’ve tried to learn learned that writing novels and pantsing it, is not for me. Much like creating an author website apparently.

Testing out the blog posting now… Please let me get it right!